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Sort of grapes

There are twelwe basic and the most famous sorts of grapes from which are made majority of sorts of wine.Earlier, wine had been labeled by the region on which the grapes were grown , but by the increase of number of producers and regions with vineyards, labeling by the sort of grapes was introduced.




The most famous ond the most popular grapes on the world, regording to production of red wine.It is grown in Australia, Bulgary, Chile, California, south of France, recognizable on little blue-black granules with thick skin, late in the year becomes cover with leaves and ripe.


Chateau Petrus-the most expensive red wine on the world is made from sort of grapes called Merlot.It is grown in France - Bordo, it has big granules with thin skin and it has flavor like a track of blueberry and mint.


There is a most of it in North - West Italy, because the hilly and areas rich in limestone suits him.It is recognizable on very dark colour and ripes very late in the year.


Famous burgundy is made from this grapes.It grows on limestone areas of East France.It has thin black skin and very thick bunches of grapes.Except in France, it is also grown in Australia, America, Italy, Rumunia, South Africa and New Zeland.


Ancient black grape from the Middle East.It is grown on granite, limestone and sand in France valley of Rona, in Califoria and Australia.It is black-blue color, it has small granules and thick skin and ripes relatively early in the year.It gives a lot of fruit, so producers have te control it and reduse it if thay want a higher quality.


This grapes grows along whole Italy, so as in Argentina and California.It grows on limestone, but also on clay.It ripes very late and very slow, so it is subject to oxidation.




This is the most wanted grapes on the world.It grows better on poor soil, but has ability to adopt and other types.It gives small bounches of grapes with thin skin, it blooms and ripes early in the year.Today it grows in every country which produce a wine.


White grapes, it is used for various wines, it gives ordinary and sparkling wines, sweet and dry.Mostly it is grown in the valley of Loara / South - West France /.It has thin skin, ripes late in the year.It also grows in South Africa, California, Australia and New Zeland.It gives long - life wines, but also the wines just ready to drink.


Granules are not complitely white, they are pink.They give dry and sweet white wine with characteristic aromatic, somehow spiced flavor.Gewurtz means spice, and it is origin in Aldo Adiga, Italian province in which German language spoken.It also grows in Alzas / France /, Ausria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Czeck Republick and Slovakia, Rumunia, Australia and New Zeland.


Great wine even if it's exists in neaker type is Olasz and Laski Riesling.It loves cold climate, and granules are pale with spots in small bunches of grapes.It blooms and ripes late in the year, and gives first - class dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines.It grows in Germany,Alzas, Italy, Australia and USA.


Grapes from valley Loara, it grows on limestone, sand and gravel.Compact small bunches of grapes with thin skin, ripes early in the year and they grow in Italy, South Africa, New Zeland, Australia and America.


It gives sweet wines and first - class dry wines.It has big granules and thin skin, and asks for specific climate conditions.It grows in Bordo in France, Chile, Australia, South Africa and America.