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Restaurant Vinoteka - Sarajevo - About us

Company "Enoteka" business since 2003 rd years in its composition, it currently has two business units, the first one is Restaurant "VINOTEKA, which is located in the center of town, Skenderija 12, and the second one is Cafe Patisseries" Slatko ćoše" which is located in the old part of town.

Restaurant "VINOTEKA" next to friendly staff offers a wide selection of dishes from international cuisine recipe and a large selection of domestic and foreign wines.

Cafe Patisseries "Slatko ćoše" is located in the old part of town, where, in addition to conventional leads, you can enjoy delicacies from the cuisine restaurant "VINOTEKA", which again makes it a specific way, a combination of old and new.

We are pleased to note that our objects of representative buildings that enrich our city, as seen from the fact that 90% of our clients are embassies, consulates, foreign organizations and their employees.

After all, we're expecting you!




Slatko ćoše